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Pop-rock from Leipzig – Authentic, heartfelt, right from life.

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Hello world!

We are SEELENHERZ. Take a seat at our sound bar, let yourself be enchanted, touched, and carried away!

Since 23.9.23, our debut album ‘SUPERHERO‘ is available on major music platforms, see below!

The video to kick things off: ‘If you lose the fight against yourself… you’ll never walk alone…'”



GOLDEN WINGS “Spread the golden wings…it’s gone”



About us

For SEELENHERZ, Dr. med. Konstanze Gerlach and Frank Walter stand together.

Their first encounter was a surprise concert by Frank with his band – in Konstanze’s living room 10 years ago. This meeting led to a spontaneous joint session and laid the foundation for a close friendship.

In the following years, both played together in a rock band.

In parallel, a project as a duo began to take shape. During this time, they created their first original songs. Always inspired by real-life experiences and refusing to be confined to a single genre, a growing repertoire quickly emerged. They moved through various genres but remained consistently authentic.

“SEELENHERZ” was born after this maturation process. With pride, they present their debut album today.”


Frank Walter

Frank Walter (guitars, vocals) began learning classical guitar at the age of 12. Later, he transitioned to jazz, receiving private lessons from Thomas Buhé. He completed his professional qualification in guitar at the music school under the guidance of Hans Graf. In the subsequent years, Frank played Irish-influenced rock with Manne Wagenbreth in “Drumalane Waltz” and jazz/free improvisation in a duo with Nico Klisch (saxophone, clarinet). Studio productions and guest appearances in various projects followed.

After the passing of his best friend Lutz Pohlers, with whom he shared the stage for 40 years, Frank founded the band “Bona Parthe.”

SEELENHERZBand, Konstanze Gerlach


Konstanze Gerlach (vocals, violin) began playing the violin at the age of 5. After completing her music-focused high school education at Thomasschule in Leipzig, she pursued a degree in medicine. Today, she works as a general practitioner. Besides family and her professional life, music is a matter of the heart for her, leading her on new journeys and highs. It provides her with strength when daily life becomes demanding. During such times, new ideas, melodies, and lyrics emerge from her soul, which she quickly captures or writes down, often finding herself “between the chairs.”

In addition to SEELENHERZ, Konstanze is also an active guest musician with KARO NERO.


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